About Parahyangan
Law Debate Community.

A. History of PLDC

Parahyangan Law Debate Community—also known as PLDC—is a community that was established on April 29th, 2010. The Founders consisted of 9 students and 1 lecturer. The Students were William Sanjaya, Fernando Lintong, Stefanus Regi Eka Nugraha, Chris Aryadi, Dena Rizkia Imania, Marito Mondru, Tumbur Julianto, Calvary, Hendrick, and Ms. Teti Marsaulina, S.H., LL.M.

The idea to establish this community was not from the student’s initiative, but it came from our lecturer, Ms. Teti Marsaulina, S.H., LL.M. She was the guiding lecturer for the students who joined a competition at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. Having found the main team which would be competing at UI, she commanded them to look for the backup team. The function of the backup team is to support the main team by being involved in research and debate simulation. Furthermore, they were prepared for becoming the next generation in debate competitions.

After the competition was done, Ms. Teti initiated a meeting, of which one of the main topics discussed was the urgency to create a community that can support this debate culture within UNPAR’s Faculty of Law. She saw hidden potentials for debate within the law students but could not flourish due to the lack of support. She suggested for those buried talents to be brought into a well-organized community where the students can proliferate and improve their debating skills.

Later, as a result of the discussion, the community was eventually established, taking the identity and name of the Parahyangan Law Debate Community.  The focus of this community is not only improving the students’ debating ability, but also preparing the next generation of UNPAR’s law debaters, and bearing excellent generations of debaters.

B. Our Motto

“The Passion for Truth and Justice”

Our motto since the beginning. There is no justice without truth, and we seek for the truth to obtain justice. We treat people with the truth so that they can feel what real justice is, and, of course, we shine out the Glory of The Lord through this debate community.

“Grow and Glow”

Growing and shining together, in the process at PLDC, we are here together growing to complement and support each other so that we can develop and shine by showing our best abilities and being useful for society.